The project was initially conceived in 2010 as part of a college-level solo performance class, but it was brought to life in New Orleans, in 2012, when Kaycee partnered with actress Kacey Skye Musick. Kaycee spent the summer of 2012 traveling up and down the east coast conducting interviews with friends and family. Upon returning to New Orleans, she reached out to acquaintances, poets, musicians, dancers and was approached by some people who had heard about the project and wanted to tell their story. 

Kaycee and Kacey transcribed these interviews, selected complete excerpts from each conversation, and worked to build them into a cohesive, 14-monologue, solo performance piece. BODY Play premiered in the Fall of 2012 at the New Orleans Fringe Festival, performed by Kacey Skye Musick and directed by Kaycee Filson, under the name of their new performance collective: the Live Oak Collective.

Since then, Kaycee has performed BODY Play across the country, as part of solo performance festivals, interdisciplinary performance series, and at colleges and high schools. After each performance, Kaycee holds a talkback with the audience to receive feedback about the piece, and audience members can sign up to be interviewed. Since its premiere in 2012, the collection of interviews has grown from 14 to more than 60, and includes a wide range of people varying in age, gender identity, race, class, physical ability, and sexual orientation.