At the end of each interview, participants are asked to give their body a title - "If you had to ascribe a title to your body, to say 'My Body is (My) _____,' what would you say?" In addition to asking participants in the project, audience members are asked to write down their own Body Titles after each performance of the play. 

Below are some of the titles that participants and audience members gave to their own bodies:

MY BODY IS MY Playground. Outside. Prison. Tool. Library. Battleground. Vehicle. Thrift Store. Instrument. Vehicle. Home. Nemesis. Machine. Point of Access. Sculpting Clay. Anchor. Lightning Rod. Rival. Fire. Memory. Container. Bridge. Victim. Zoo. Reminder. Celebration. Duty.  Pleasure. Power House. Buddy. Archive. Secret Weapon. Phobia. Windup Toy. Neglected Pile of Laundry. Masterpiece in Progress. Testimony. Space Ship. Gift. Project. Adventure. Paradox.  Third Wheel. Freedom. Mad House. Keeper. Pit Bull’s Pillow. Space Suit. Travel Agent. Map.  Opportunity. Soul. Limitation. First Mate. Co-Pilot. Sidekick. Celebration. Dance. Narrative. Truth. Cohort. Fortress. Reality’s Creator. Unattainable Obsession. Cat’s Body. Instrument. Potential. Escape. Apology. Confidant. Brain Container. Illusion. Map. Pain. Life. Canvas. Book. Palace. Best friend. Multicellular Organism. Workshop. Trap. Identity. Inhabitation. Beloved Nemesis. Starship. Property. Tool. Machine. Mirror. Kaleidoscope. Quiet Sister. Signal. Echo Chamber. Temple. Burden. Conduit. Genesis. Planet. Wall. Challenge. Sine Wave. Favorite. Own. 

MY BODY IS Strong. Fluid. Loved. Fine. Me. Able to Do What I Need it to do. A Gift (and a Curse). Healing. Inconvenient. Glad. A Lie. Makes Me Who I Am. Resilient. Trying to Make It My Own Again. Getting There. A Chicken (Drawing of a chicken). Finite. Subject to A Lot of My Brain's Bullshit. Capable and Knows More Than I Do. Mine. Temporary. The Outward Reflection of Me. Somewhere There. Somewhere Else. A Chamber of Echoes. The Thing I Can't Control. Important. Full of Chips. Tiny(ier Than Myself). Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts. Supernatural. Me. Placid. Theatrical. Muscular. Something I Want My Brain to Become One With. Full of Unknown Answers and Secrets. Not Beautiful. A Sponge. Young. A Deep River. Sturdy. Durable. It's A Trap!. Courageous. Valuable and Worth Everything!. Remembering Itself. Healing. A Wall. Fucking Human. Best When Shaking. Full of Energy and Love. Impeccable. Contingent. Soft.