BODY Play Script

BODY Play Script


BODY Play Script, featuring every monologue performed in a past iteration of BODY Play. 22 monologues. 28 pages.

© Next Left Press, 2015


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Monologues include:

  • 300 Points! - Doofus
  • When it Feels Good - Performance Artist
  • You Wouldn't Understand, You're White! - Fine Artist
  • Soft - MeMe
  • Little Weirdo - Lady Friend
  • Special Gym Class - Expressive Artist
  • A Lion's Chasin' Me - Family Man
  • Despite Your Body - Giver
  • My Own Free Will - Architect
  • Betty Terrapin - Feminist Blogger
  • No Apology - Dancer/Mother
  • Rush of Ease - Runner
  • Stripes - Photographer
  • Skin - Big Loser
  • Now I Dare You to Make Fun of Me, I'm Fly - Poet
  • In Form - Husband
  • Paradox - Author
  • Vanilla Sex - Traveler
  • It Comes to Us All - Puppeteer
  • All Day Every Day - Newcomer
  • Beautiful and Romantic and Tragic and Hilarious and Meaningful - Acupuncturist
  • Toughen Up - Poet

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All monologues are the property of Kaycee Filson, Live Oak Collective, and the original interviewees. Monologues are not to reproduced or performed in any way without the authors express permission. 

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© Next Left Press, 2015

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